September 15, 2017

Enterprise Technology - News on Irma, Equifax, IoT

By Nancy Piccin
Updates from the trade press on current events and trends in enterprise technology:

Irma Impact: Distributor Tech Data Corp.’s headquarters in Clearwater, Fla., reopened on Tuesday after Hurricane Irma knocked out its connectivity. Tech Data, which recently bought competitor Avnet, lost power but ran on backup generators until power could be restored, according to While the company is working with partners to process orders, OTR Global will be watching to see if any vendors’ 3Q17 sales could be delayed given how close to quarter-end the outage occurred. Its key partners include Microsoft Corp., Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., Fortinet Inc., Symantec Corp., Super Micro Computer Inc., Lenovo Group Ltd. and many others.

Equifax Breach: The security breach of credit reporting agency Equifax Inc., reported to have affected 143 million customers, apparently caused FireEye Inc. to take down a white paper case study about Equifax from the FireEye website, according to British technology news site The Register.

Last week, ZDNet reported Equifax had hired FireEye’s Mandiant to fix the breach. On Wednesday, Equifax revealed the cause of the breach: a missed patch of an Apache Struts vulnerability, according to

Internet of Things Skills Shortage: OTR Global’s industry contacts have reported that customers are keenly interested in the potential use cases of IoT, but are only beginning to explore actual implementation (see OTR Global’s July 14 snapshot.) A study released this week in Network World could help explain why: Most interviewees said they lacked the skills necessary to get projects up and running.

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