Retail. Ecommerce. Beverages. Consumer Staples. Restaurants. Hardlines. 

The retail group investigates the athletic footwear/active apparel, accessories, specialty and hardline retail industries by building relationships with retail managers, buyers, distributors and suppliers to discover trends and determine when current trends will falter. OTR's team gets to the bottom of how new product launches and marketing initiatives impact consumers' purchasing decisions across different product categories. The firm also researches trends in the quick-service, fast-casual and casual dining segments by reviewing same-store sales, transactions and ticket trends as well as consumer response to promotions and new product launches.

  • Active Apparel/Athletic and Fashion Footwear: Observe global brands testing their marketing prowess and facing region-specific competitive challenges
  • Accessories: Evaluate handbag and watch sales, promotional and markdown trends in wholesale and retail channels as well as customer response to the latest new products
  • Specialty and Broadline Retailers: Follow aggressive promotions, inventory management, consolidating distribution channels, merchandise differentiation and sell-through trends, major company initiatives as well as customer response to latest fashions
  • Beverages: Evaluate competition, trends, inventory, pricing and performance data for coffee products, spirits, beer and energy drinks
  • Consumer Staples: Identify volume, pricing, promotional trends and new product performance in various categories
  • Restaurants: Report on casual dining, fast-casual and quick-service restaurants that offer evolved menus and strategies to stay competitive and capture customer traffic
  • Hardlines: Develop monthly data sets on recent professional builder sales and pricing trends.

Consumer Products, Retail and Restaurant sources located in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.