Agriculture. Clean Tech. Industrials. Transportation.

The Cyclicals group focuses on industries that present significant investment opportunities, serve as leading economic indicators and offer insight into local, regional and worldwide developments in four distinct areas: agriculture, clean tech, industrials, and transportation.

OTR Global's sources contributing to Cyclicals research topics are based in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.


  • Crop Inputs: Observe global agriculture trends, including supply, demand, pricing, market share and forecast spending levels for crop inputs. 
  • Farm Equipment: Assess current and forward-looking order trends, including lead times, inventory levels, incentive activity, pricing and market-share shifts.

Clean Tech: 

  • Electric Vehicles: Monitor factors that contribute to growing global electric vehicle demand, manufacturing supplies and pricing strategy.


  • Construction & Mining Equipment: Forecast annual global equipment sales and rental trends by assessing dealer order patterns, auction metrics, contractor backlogs and mine operator capital expenditure (CAPX) plans.
  • Nonresidential Construction: Assess current and projected construction trends, including booking forecasts, contract lettings, book-to-bill ratios, as well as financing and labor availability.


  • Heavy-Duty Trucks & Engines: Provide insight into heavy-duty truck and engine purchase plans by analyzing fleet operators' purchase plans and demand at the dealer and component supplier levels.
  • U.S. Inland Tank Barge Shipping: Monitor trends affecting spot and term rates, as well as overall barge utilization trends.
  • Rails: Assess factors affecting rail shipping, including rate trends, modal shifts and freight volumes, as well as monitor rail-car lease rates, and rail fleet spending plans.