Mark Conley
President, Director of Research

John O’Donoghue
Senior Vice President, Director of Equities

Olya Klimiashvili
Director of Research Operations

Thomas Hickey
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Compliance Officer

Irene Neumansky
Chief Technology Officer

Allison Malone
Director of Custom Research Services

Katie Sanborn
Director of Editorial Services

Elena Coppola
Head of Human Resources

Jaclynn Anderson
Director, Enterprise Technology

Bill Becorest
Editor, Restaurants & Consumer

Beth Gilbert
Senior Editor, Healthcare

T. Jarrett Harris
Director, Cyclicals Research

Hartmut Leuschner
Director, Global Network Communications

Justin Pillette
Editor, Restaurants

Lois Sakany
Director, Retail Research

Robbie Scott
Director of Media Research

Meredith Sun
Director of China

Brad Whitt
Director, Software Research